First light 2014

Hampton Court Ice Rink

Hampton Court Ice Rink

What lies in wait today

After the fireworks and charged hope

A design for life? A balanced mind?


This New Year here at 09-09

Is misty and cold

Tall firs stand in mute acceptance


Mountains beyond vague in grey air

Hope stirs in the folds of linen

Safe. Ensconced behind glass and concrete


So the newest day of another new beginning

Beckons wits made dull

By premature rejoicing


For the old will never fully be out

And the new is impervious

Succinct until it settles upon us


We are ready to embark on a journey

With eyes wide in this blind alley

Best to depend upon hope


Farewell friends and strangers

Bless the space that beckons

And take a chance. Be good.

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