He has faith

How quaint

The dull-eyed cynic says


It takes an age

To come to rest

And live with stalled desire


Beside the naked flame

Young flesh will singe

And lean-in to dangerous spaces


Only patience can reward

A player in the waiting game

Measured by the frantic pack


Perhaps it’s best to cling

To rays of light

And shine





I send out daily bites
As nourishment for souls
Is this generosity?
Sharp insights that come from moments
Freshly squeezed. The sap of thoughts
That flounder if they are not transmitted

Throwing out the fishes and loaves
Displacement of all that is mine
Just moments. All that I have
Are they gifts?
These little things mean a lot to me
Harboured as they are in neutrality
Go children for it pleases me to watch

Discharged. My atomic vanity
Simpers. Hoping for traction
Wishing above all to be absorbed
Is this guilt?
For the smallness that haunts
Can taunt in an ironic way
Because I know too much about irrelevance

Father Thames

Father ThamesFather Thames


Percussion of slips from the big grey sky

Taps with mocking feet on glass

A snide whisper of wind ushers them along

Putting a wash upon their beat


Beyond the obscurity of wet glass

Flood waters still rise

We, not more than half a mile from the front line

Mark time and slink along the tarmacadamed borders


Watch the swollen, racing River Thames

Slice portions of gardens from the bank

Twist restraining ropes and sever possessions

From their aching ties


Tragedy is an unworthy spectator sport

For those that are poorly moored

Are sucked below the wet horizon

And sulk, tethered, stolen dreams


As rain continues to dance on our restraints

The final frontier is more desperate

More crude. Sand bags

To hold back the tide?

Misnomers or LOL

Laugh Out LoudA confident loll against a garden gate,
Bus-stop, chair, old friend or lover
Signifies to me a casual acceptance
Of boundaries broached and broken
Chinese burns and sworn oaths in the past
Which in naivety were like a solemn promise
But now we are in with smart friends
Who communicate without the subtlety
of any physical nuance
Declaring a love-game over, not just from the other side
of a net. But from across the globe.
A casual severance may break your heart
Before the jet-stream dumps a cyclone in your back yard.
Even Google cannot spot your grief, a cemetery of tears
Now, more than ever, weather forecasters
Live in fear of an App enabled tablet
So I Loll with chagrin
When I make an inopportune mistake
And blush when I realise
That others look at me in my ancient guise
For I have stepped into their code
An arcade of fun
From which they LOL

Misnomers or YOLO

GarageMisnomers or YOLO


Tribal speak. Wind ushered through broken teeth

Attitude. Another route to memory


I am at times insensate

To urgent appeals in tongues


I find my feet and my mouth

Engaged in strident notes


For meaning has slipped. Gone evasive

Underground with stripes but no braces


All actual information camouflaged

Truncated by ‘yoof’


I’ll see a line of letters shambling

And struggle for the sense


Yet now I know that I’m simply vacant

When it comes to ‘intel’ from young ‘gents’.

Thames Views. 12.2.14

Thames ViewsThe Thames Riviera at Hampton where the Ferry will take you over to Hurst Meadows. If you take to the water Hampton Court Palace is only minutes away. But beware, the river is in full spate and flooding at Sunbury, Shepperton, Chertsey and Staines.

The areas that are tidal, down to the Lock at Teddington, seem to be ok at present but with high winds, more rain forecast and a full-moon to come people are keeping their fingers crossed.

Good Luck and God Bless to those who are already affected.