So. Smile please

So. Smile pleaseSo. Smile please


In shreds

All torn. Left bleak

The frayed edges still

Laid flat like mould

On the corpse of failed hope

So even dreams begin to doubt


The tired man

In the morning aches

For more fluid limbs

Sunshine in the senses

And petrol in the tank

To deny accumulating years


Sounds. Emotional intercourse

All around normal

Cease to spark or lift

This dependant soul

Until in truth

Conscience pricks self-pity


So, praise for humour

When sense takes scissors

To the false preening of vanity

And draws together scraps

Of fabric

That make you whole

Lost then Found


Lost then Found


A fallen moment

I stop

I wonder where

That moment went

Before it came to rest

Which brings me to


And what I understand

Of that


How the obvious will stare

Straight at me. Naked

Unashamed. Proud to bare

A gift. A threat

A thought to dare

Expose me for what I am

Leave me aghast

To look at solid air

Another chance to care


Stilled moment

Let me drown

In you




Brighton Steps Collage-1


Walk. Don’t walk

Street furniture

The architecture of survival

I am surrounded

Guided even, if I care to look

But what is this?

A shifting arcade?

I travel in the line of beauty

Unaware that each stride

May or may not make sense

For my influence is limited

I am simply here

No podium place

No winners’ medal

Just ephemeral distance

A few aches and wrinkles

Survivors’ lines

Where passing traffic

Abraded me

Friction. That is life

And when the sign next lights

With a kind of throbbing urgency

I might even smile

Not yet safe. Not yet spent

On a watching brief

For eyes

Alert to clues


A Pause

A PauseStruggling for words

How so? My silent friends

Those vowels and verbs

Stitches in the fabric

Of my magic cloak


They are quiet

Prisoners behind tight lips

Constrained to silence

Too timid to express

Fragrant air


I dare not let them rest

For superstition suggests

That they will languish

In some retirement home

Beyond my control


My best intentions are misguided

I should let them float

And settle like jewels in snow

For all the beauty wrapped in silken tones

Is bound to be free of me




Words at the edge of reason

Share them before they become malevolent

Dispel their inner violence

The shaking invisibility of fear

Cowers in its’ cage

Waiting only for one brutal opportunity

One second where comfort will revert to blood

Warm skin go cold on the back of terror

All the light, lit by hope

Go off to a darkness that lingers, away

Into the topsy turvy other world

Where our dreams dare not tread


Our confusions exposed

A mortal dread seems present here

This lurking presence is no stranger

We go there because we can’t avoid

All the real and present danger

That lurks behind our best intentions

Please. Don’t go there.

Regain the apetite for life

I am in dread of this cold fixation

Fascinated almost to the point of drowning

I must be aware

The polarity of confusion

Must not amaze me

Not take me down

Two old camera’s

A collage of old camera's

Two old camera’s


Resting in darkness

Two old camera’s

The box brownie in a tangle of fabric

And a stranger from the eastern bloc

Blinded by neglect

Found objects threatened by dust

They are like monuments

To dreams of the past

Ornaments now. Or relics

No danger to reticent souls

Now turned to art

A form they chased

Delicious. The irony

In metal and glass

Enclosures of dreams

That gently fade away

Another smile

Another SmileWhat fun it is

To run amok


With naked thoughts

And fire


Friendly rockets

Out into space


Imagining all targets

Are worthy causes


And smother them

In compassionate flames


Render them

Surprised to find


A rose petalled spring

Where volleys of words


Crash peacefully

All around the cowering forms


That live in fear

Without a blanket of hope



The first smile

There is no new

So early in March


How right it is to stride across

The past. Into another season


With sap rising

In the lengthening light


Hope will tug at opportunity

So strike a pose


Walk with purpose

Ignore that porpoise


We can be funny

Covered in honey


Alluring to

A sweet-toothed muse


Revel in your status

As a simpleton


A chocolate covered minstrel

Aiming to amuse


Pucker the lips



Create the laughter lines

And let age construct


The ridged framework

Of a happy man