A slip of a man

A slip of a man.


His bloated face. Short cropped hair

A man in a zoo

He is free to go. Free to roam

With eyes on points of confusion

Must make a choice



Torn between the force of will

A trapped ego and spent flaws

With remnants of an unreliable memory

And the pull of human decency


How far can he fall?

The animal in that man

Unfettered beast that he has become

When open doors and friendship

Confound him and unleash fear


The chords and sinews that separate

The lost from the found

Resonate only with simple rules

That trust and faith will bind

That harmony is in the mind


He is inchoate

No doubt troubled in the new dawn

Clutching at half-formed thoughts

Remedies that come to hand

In the hurry of remorse

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