A vacant cell


A vacant cell

All around in a soft embrace

My arms seek permission to squeeze

To wrap around all the goodness

At my command


This fragile thing

Sometimes lost. Buried deep

Is shy. Too timid to rise

But now I’ll breathe


And let doubt go hang

For I am as sure as I can be

That what I feel

Is right for me


And there is no victim

In this passionate mime

But the juices

Of my inflamed imagination


I am at that point

The tide knows well

When the orbiting moon

Lets the water swoon


Then I shall move

In a swirling rush

To prove that I can travel

Daily on this carousel

Go lightly


Go lightly


It rained last night

How kind

The soak of heaven


A bright morning greets

The sleepy witness

With a chorus from happy lawns


This has been a summer treat

We love that

The gift of the freely given


Comforting sounds, like ornaments

Going gently in the dark

Are a soothing presence


Then soft light and fresh smells

A chorus of hope

Opens its arms


The new day is simple

A great yawning element

To fill