Vital Signs

A chorus

I wake early on tangled sheets
To hear the clamorous rancour
Of crows darkly calling
‘We are. We are.’
All guttural threat from securely held territory
Their certainty. Their belligerence
Reminding me of war mongers
Politicians on podiums
And electorates too timid
Or too stupid
To complain
How the world order seems fragile to me
It has disturbed my sleep
So I wonder if softer words
Can be sent to march
Cast upon zephyrs
And made to influence
Minds that celebrate harmony
Prone to extract the ‘r’ from friction
And become characters in a global book
To hum and sing
Forget to shout
‘We are. We are’
As a territorial threat
But a hymn
For it could even be
A lullaby