Campbell’s Soup. A Limited Edition.

Iconic brand. Iconic cans. Immortalised by an icon.

You can get into these cans and drink the soup but you’ll have to pay a premium as these were a Limited Edition. Will hunger slake your cultural thirst or will good taste preserve these intact.

And they say Andy Warhol was an enigma.

To Declan. (my surgeon)

To Declan. A poem. I am gone..jpg

My shoulders rounded, I am hunched

As instructed

Facing away from a man

With sharp steel in his hand

The cold eye of that needle

Contains unsentimental fluid

Poised and loaded with the logic

That will take me away

Before long I am gone

Off into a prayer

My ignorance all wrapped

In total and utter surrender

There could be bird-song

For I am tethered to air

Or the soft parting of warm lovers lips

I am gone

Take me and render me

Your clinical skills

Your cold hearted craft

Are now beyond natural law

Good Morning

Good Morning poem..jpg

A gift of flowers

Plants packed, their petals exposed

A display of demure generosity

Lingers in gratitude

and leaves that kindest of stains

Thanks for a time shared

When no boundaries were broken

No favours asked

Just the interplay of friendship

And a hope that it may last

Outside, bright sunshine

like some heavenly tongue

has drenched the scene

With natural beauty

And in the windless quiet

each still particle proclaims

a pride in its place

And there is no doubt

No fear that judgement will be made

to sully or scar

each stitched particle

of this tableau

How wonderful

Our garden beams

in the lick of a dew.