Start me up

MeLearned Fish.jpg

untrammelled by fear

the first thought

that fragile thing


with those first

moments unleashed

before the day unfurls

that precious arc

of the fisherman’s net

cast wide, and it

should always be an optimistic sweep

of eyes not yet occluded by doubt

limbs not bothered by gravity

and a heart willing to pump

fresh energy to gather-up

the mornings catch

always in debt

to deep, deep sleep

Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away.jpg

Big and blousy

My condition used to shout

With the bombast of the bore

Imperious against restraint

Or calls to good behaviour

My will was all that you could have

Give or take

That selfish urge so dominant

Above the fraction of me

That occasionally saw the light

Dim and timid

Not minded to be decent

And so I progressed

A wounded lark with,

a twisted laugh

Toward ground zero

The turned soil

Of an early grave

Beckoning. Almost yearning.

For the enfolding dark

That would release me

From a demon

Into its’ maw

On the verge

On the verge.

Would beauty do?

Alone amongst the gristle of the everyday

A poppy waves not red but orange

On a supple stalk that eeks succour

From a brutal verge

A nondescript suburban highway

Cuts gradients and shapes

The enforced conformity of progress

Into vectors that cars and lorries

Stamp upon

Yet on the side

Emerging from the shoulders of a mole

Crusty pellets of dry earth

Sustain that orange flag

Defiantly romantic. Almost carefree

A splash of colour

Raising hope on a flag-pole

Against the dirty clamour

Of so many imagined goals

Softens the view

Dodgems. ( or tangled thoughts )


Opinions differ sharply

Into a melt of emotions

Skittish, as if, attached to volts

running through thin metal wire.

Suspended from,

an ornate ceiling

with flashing lights and loud music

that throbs

robs rational thought

from the orbs that register

this spectacle. Fantastic. Confusing.

A dodgem ride in a public place

with showers of


That cloak for unspeakable deeds.



A fingerprint of light

nestles in the shadows between cracks

of the slats of wood that mark

A boundary. The marker of territory

And into that imposter, that insouciant glow

alights a butterfly. All white

A peace envoy

Settling for an instant in that pool

before leaving like a ghost

into the alphabet of space

around that zone

And away again unknowingly

into some imagined intolerance

all the while oblivious

Content to carry

that white flag flapping

in perpetual hope.