He said; “mycelium spores”

Poets for Hire.jpg

Bob and Madge

Walk ‘Dash’

Every day in the park

like metronomes in pursuit

Of a persistent illusion

The dog, obedient but loping

is ever able to break the sound barrier

with a spurt of inherited genes.

A greyhound for Bob and Madge

Both in their eighties

Are sprightly still

And believe, I assume

They will outlive


One day I noticed a ring of mushrooms,

incongruous amongst the rough mown grass

I asked Bob, ‘ how so’?

and here I paraphrase

“these faerie rings articulate

what the earth silently knows

and how the soil accommodates

secrets that we can anticipate

with knowledge of the seasons and,


The embedded wisdom of people

concealed only until

the question is asked.”