Struck by the morning shakes

with rising sounds that seep

through my conscious, protective curtain

and usher in the echoes of displaced energy

The tappetty clatter of a bus outside

as it dutifully stops, and then

a thrum and chortle as it shrugs away

replaced by the low ambient thread

of rattled air rising as a plane

bullies the space above Heathrow

taking dreams and commitments

along with the silent witnesses of luggage

assembled to lend comfort in displacement

The aerial beast thrumbles on a soaring note

like effervescence

and throbs away until a whisper

is replaced by birdsong

Our house, it’s apertures all open

to circulate this summer heat

is our fortress. A leaking bastion

that allows me to listen

to the world outside

our manufactured harbour

This safe place where I recognize

the wheeze and irritable chug

of the central heating.

It’s pipes and turns in dark corners

harnessing an insurrection when the pilot flares.

Pavement noises. Friction of the everyday

A lad with his skate-board rasping

against the bored, scuffed cement

and the slidings of last night’s dreams

as they evaporate on the morning air

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