Red Flower in the rain

I grow a little every day
A small plant, just for sport
And watch with avid interest
To see if there is progress on any front

I’ve done this for fifteen months
And can’t say I’ve been disappointed
The plant’s still there. It’s still alive
I’m happy enough. Why not?

As the trickle of time
Is squeezed through the tunnel
I watch the dune, those grains of sand
Spill, slip and take nervous shape

And I wonder of course
If the oasis I have in mind to build
Will support life
Ignoring the dust of an existence left behind

Can it flourish in a different atmosphere
Where hope and love make moist
The shoots that seek a tomorrow
And blind me to the arid past

I sit astride the tropics
Love and hope Vs Fear and loss
In this lethal game
And observe that I am here today