Inheritance. pic for poem


and so they throw stones

the disadvantaged ones

with one less letter to atone for loss

venting with spleen, milk-shakes and votes

or worse in some cases – battery acid

as the temperature rises in this moment of  time

we are it seems ” gathered here today”

though not harmoniously, not like a congregation

we are disparate and seeking

vocal yet inchoate

the fault lines more evident as time presses

the beauty pageant for votes more desperate

we who pride ourselves on democracy, we sophisticates

as if we were

solid citizens with a mature sense of history

yet we equivocate and murmur, disseminate untruths

pitching for a purpose on the greasy pole and forget

so much of this has gone before and always

in the aftermath – mistakes will glow

are we bigots, ingrates or xenophobes

on this small island so tightly packed?

one and all will  be stained by this moment in time

but those that seek power will be remembered

as trace elements of the fire – furore – uroar

and be gone

A naked poem

A naked poem

A naked poem


Agile weeds that cling

to places I leave exposed

are markers of time mis-spent


I am left with remnants

shards from what should have been

all those glittering achievements


Shreds from a garment

woven from wobbly love

that inexact thing


A heart beat

stretched muscle

at the source of tears


Remember being the refrain

that echoes and thunders

even under cover of sleep


Not even dreams

can render

Happy Endings


For this mind will believe

the imprisoned propaganda

of some previous elite