Photograph to illustrate poem, 'Splinters'

St Bartholomews Church, Smithfields, London.



I would do something today

Like explode a myth

Or put air around a tired thought

And smile from ear to ear

In a public space


Oh yes, I would

And be generally, emphatically, me

This denizen, this soul

A growing remembrance

Of a life more or less explored


I would

And be less confused

More playful

More generous

Just once



This blank page is like a day

Full of atoms that may break

Ignite or fall away

Knock on wood.

All souls alert


All souls alert 

Man down

In a careless thought

The breach was found

Fractions measure


Lost and bound


So mistakes made

In an instant

Will compound


All future movement

The best endeavours

Lost in cloud


Vague memories

Mourn false hope

So cling. Hold fast


To instinct

Best laid plans

And magic


For peace resides

In the simple

In clarity


Not in a mind that’s closed

But in the yearning space

Where love resides