Social media

Social Media.Pic for poem.


the words are launched – misnomers mostly – on spinning plates

like they do in Greek restaurants

and they tangle, mid-air with other meals

other dishes full of bile – it’s an untidy place

this sphere of conflict – a perturbation of opinions

mostly half-formed, ill thought through and charged

by a sense of injustice or perceived harm

that,  once thrown, gains mystic powers

able to thwart, injure and take down

opposition – that key ingredient to unreasonable debate

the gunner in his or her emplacement

no doubt a sordid place, takes aim –

all the consonants, vowels, misspellings and dodgy grammar

compressed into a shell at the behest of a mouse, no less

the launch painless, the load diminishing, it’s half-life

unravelling like a stricken isotope

and then it’s done – the thrill is gone until

another spot of bother bubbles away on the back burner

with more irritations adventuring toward a critical mass

now the heat is on

press send – retire and look for likes

Gate House

Gate House. pic


some people mind

take the opportunity to sneer

to feel superior

at the man in his hut with the power

to raise or lower a barrier

that demarcates the space between

those that have

a very great deal

and those that are consigned to less

As I pass through as an invitee to a ‘do’

into the world of more

I feel unsteady, as if I am being asked

to join a club and become complicit

in a robbery

wherein the rich steal a little more

from their compatriots. The poor.

pond skaters waltz on the surface of water

ruffled by a fountain centred in an ornamental lake

as swans glide-by and fish do their mystery below

A midday sun renders warmth to shade and etches at

the silhouettes of anything that moves. Languid strokes.

All of it quite nonchalant.  Removed from caring

for the man in the hut with the power to raise a barrier

watching them all come and go from his common place

his vigilance, their shield

Some people mind