Thames. River-side

Thames. River side

Thames. River side

I see the river and ache

I love this place

This manor, in which I am a lordly presence

Mine now and memories

But all the familiar smells

The scope of my nostalgia

This safety

Is it vanity?

Would I vouchsafe it all

Glibly, for golden sands in the Grenadines

Pose with chromatic lenses above a cocktail

Dream sweep a panorama “of it all”

In that am I shallow?

These feelings come to me

Disturb me because I need

Truth and beauty

I fear decay. Any wanton loss

Any light that shines upon

My frailty

All the lies and half-truths

That have bled from me

They are stains

Rust around the lettering

The messages I see.

I ask you!

I ask you!

I ask you!

Words stall

Splutter. Sprawl

Like puppy dogs

And things that crawl

Go lightly

Go dark

Tinker with guilt

Go for walks in the park

I have a drawer

Stuffed full of them

A wriggling shower

All prone to mayhem

And can I tame them?

Hell no

They are gone. Pro Tem

Hello. I call. Hello

I sometimes ask for the menu

The weegee board of reason

In order to get a view

And they answer with treason

Vexatious as ever

Characters designed to play

Bit parts that deliver

Things I should not say.

A film on The Green

Night visions

Night visions


What does the night evoke?

A placid moon

Raptures on The Green

When atmosphere surrounds the scene

And this man made detail

With sounds and vision

Is a shared spectacle

Gathering a charm under stars

To do outside in the elements

What we mostly do in theatres

Where the mind is cocooned

And comfort comes with a ticket

But here they go Al Fresco

And the better for it

Because community breeds peace

So we may all return

When the vision has been packed away

Grass remains

A communal space to play

Casual thoughts and foot-prints

On familiar soil