for us


for us. pic for poem

for us

a sea rises beneath the ice

in a rasping wet friction of sounds

breathing below the crust

as the sounds of aeons squealing, mingling

in secrets and trysts, murders and

quiet kindnesses

all enslaved to a kingdom in limbo

in search of the mystery above


for us

they face one another disoriented

by nature and climate as it circles

the globe

and we, adoptive custodians,  tinker

at the fringes like alchemists

stirring the oceans and gazing

at swirling accretions of plastic

in trapped oceanic pockets


for us

extinction will be the longest full-stop

a foretelling of the blindness that holds

the hands of self-harm

we are so insistent, so superior, so deaf

to the echoes of poetry that wails

in the souls of those who have been long gone

but still ache with the loss that is

their knowledge, their lost and floating ethereal gifts

for us

More than blue

More than blue

More than blue


Lowry figures criss-cross on feathered snow

Sloping against the jagged blue of thin air

While this cable car cuts murmuring above

Ecstatic people all wrapped and bound

In elegant descent

With visors like fly’s eyes, mirrored bold

To conceal the mixed emotions of these dervishes

Hell bent on pleasure as they scar the surface

Of what was once the mountain

Clad in white paste

Where flakes most evident in their diamond shapes

Are tooled on the drooping limbs of firs

That line the route

And yet all this too must pass

When spring seeps into the molecules

The last whoops will evaporate

Into thickening air and green slopes

Another screen on the face of desire

Another opportunity to drown in bliss

So the moment shall move on

And the retinue of joys’ lost lovers

Lingers just long enough

For me to wish for more




I am a soldier in a covert war

Everything about me is nondescript

And I travel mostly under cover of dark

When the horrors are worst

And my ignorance at its’ height

Because the night time

Is my camouflage

When manoeuvres are across enemy lines

That often stretch beyond my ken

And victory, should I wish it

Is mine

But as this well intentioned vigilante

Wages retribution on your behalf

The real wars progress

Atrocities that fuel these dreams

Play out amongst the protagonists

And wounds that fester

Lives that are lost

Go unremarked at day-break

When Private Me awakes



Vital Signs

A chorus

I wake early on tangled sheets
To hear the clamorous rancour
Of crows darkly calling
‘We are. We are.’
All guttural threat from securely held territory
Their certainty. Their belligerence
Reminding me of war mongers
Politicians on podiums
And electorates too timid
Or too stupid
To complain
How the world order seems fragile to me
It has disturbed my sleep
So I wonder if softer words
Can be sent to march
Cast upon zephyrs
And made to influence
Minds that celebrate harmony
Prone to extract the ‘r’ from friction
And become characters in a global book
To hum and sing
Forget to shout
‘We are. We are’
As a territorial threat
But a hymn
For it could even be
A lullaby