Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence


Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence

Their promises are gaunt

like strips of meat

Decaying on a line that sags

Limp in disappointment

But heavy with the drip of guilt


Yes the men of war wear medals

And yes, they glint in sunshine

The day after the dead

Whose camouflaged souls evacuate

The space where war marked hate


The men in their bow-legged victory

Swagger. So keen to shimmer

To suck respect out of reluctant souls

Who visit shame with caulked eyes

Lest tears drown the docile troops


Beware those who bestow the accolades

Their flashing lies,

a mockery of taunts

Echoing well in chambers

Haunted by blessings mis-cast


Those patrons of our common dissent

Their rants perplexing all and sundry

Let loose a litany of chants aimed, nay, targeted

to mesmerise

Those of us that would possess a vote