More than blue

More than blue

More than blue


Lowry figures criss-cross on feathered snow

Sloping against the jagged blue of thin air

While this cable car cuts murmuring above

Ecstatic people all wrapped and bound

In elegant descent

With visors like fly’s eyes, mirrored bold

To conceal the mixed emotions of these dervishes

Hell bent on pleasure as they scar the surface

Of what was once the mountain

Clad in white paste

Where flakes most evident in their diamond shapes

Are tooled on the drooping limbs of firs

That line the route

And yet all this too must pass

When spring seeps into the molecules

The last whoops will evaporate

Into thickening air and green slopes

Another screen on the face of desire

Another opportunity to drown in bliss

So the moment shall move on

And the retinue of joys’ lost lovers

Lingers just long enough

For me to wish for more