Sobering to think

Each second

Each instant

Is loaded


We only need

To harvest


To ignite a spark


‘Only’ is preposterous

We angle at

A magic trick

The sleek back of a bullet


And somehow

In that ‘seized moment’

We are aligned

Past and future present


A marvellous particle

Immaculate on the back

Of fusion

And so we come and go




So, you are famous now

Though it was casual

Mentioned in an alley-way

‘He was found dead in bed’


The brutal truth

Is anecdotal

The particulars left to myth

We have our fading vision


For your fall was foreseen

By many of us

Who did try to help

When you were out of step


But now the game is up

We will honour you

In a thousand small ways

A thread of silence marks this spot




To all of that

Loquacious man

You spent so much

Time in air

With stories that sailed

On perfumed winds

Close to the edge of reason

And frequently beyond

But the fuel you used

High octane stuff

Was poison

So when you sucked

You swallowed tainted fuel

And lit a flare

That could only ever do one thing

Gutter, stutter or fizzle out

And you reached all three

Now you leave

A crater on the moon

One holed sock

And a legend

That could never be.