Always. pic for poem

All visions are, as dreams

elided by the sting

of disappointment

They find horizons hemmed by lesser men

who languish at the frontiers

of all I ever wished for


I glimpse perimeters


and know that I am contained

within this spirit world

of bloodsurge and ego

peeping at the possibilities

that sustain hope yet


a constraining hand will

by its’ magic

clench and keep me shy

of all that light

That Promised Land


Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away.jpg

Big and blousy

My condition used to shout

With the bombast of the bore

Imperious against restraint

Or calls to good behaviour

My will was all that you could have

Give or take

That selfish urge so dominant

Above the fraction of me

That occasionally saw the light

Dim and timid

Not minded to be decent

And so I progressed

A wounded lark with,

a twisted laugh

Toward ground zero

The turned soil

Of an early grave

Beckoning. Almost yearning.

For the enfolding dark

That would release me

From a demon

Into its’ maw



A fingerprint of light

nestles in the shadows between cracks

of the slats of wood that mark

A boundary. The marker of territory

And into that imposter, that insouciant glow

alights a butterfly. All white

A peace envoy

Settling for an instant in that pool

before leaving like a ghost

into the alphabet of space

around that zone

And away again unknowingly

into some imagined intolerance

all the while oblivious

Content to carry

that white flag flapping

in perpetual hope.

A vacant cell


A vacant cell

All around in a soft embrace

My arms seek permission to squeeze

To wrap around all the goodness

At my command


This fragile thing

Sometimes lost. Buried deep

Is shy. Too timid to rise

But now I’ll breathe


And let doubt go hang

For I am as sure as I can be

That what I feel

Is right for me


And there is no victim

In this passionate mime

But the juices

Of my inflamed imagination


I am at that point

The tide knows well

When the orbiting moon

Lets the water swoon


Then I shall move

In a swirling rush

To prove that I can travel

Daily on this carousel

Hallo again

Hallo again copy


Words make flesh of thought

For simmering resentment and joy

Can find a voice

On the back of such a flash


Returning to the light

From the dark embrace of night

On eyes that have been off-guard

Might shock or disappoint


The commonplace repeated is comfort

To a timid soul

But the shadowy mix of ignorance

Will not spare a sleeping mind


The futures’ touch

Might shiver like prediction

In a doubtful space, so

Let hope put a blanket around doubt