another hospital visit

Another hospital visit. pic


love lies bleeding

yes, I’ve said that before

but the internal wounds

they slice at hope

shape misery, that growing thing

as it mutates – a lava lamp of swelling gloom

wherein light casts little

by way of illumination

and all the little things

others may say and try to do

amount to nought

because inside thoughts collide

with doom – an intractable slide away

into an awful fairground

where light and noise crackle and spit

dodgems bump, grind

internal organs slither

and laughter once evoked by the ride

inverts and spills

lays down a tear

reflected in psychedelic light

blood red

a premonition in an anti-septic room

before the lights go out

Get well

Get well

Get well


You are a bright light

Occasioned sometimes by pain

You colour your space with playful air

And would not let the pain revel in it

I care for you


Cherish the hope that propels you

To think upon a smile

And pen silly prose

In defiance at lurking dread

That is steeped within


Even in distress there is resolve

I honour that

Because we are on slender threads

Unsure of shape and form

Yet sparks sustain you


Go on. Improve

Give the indelicate salute

Cling to resilience

Dance the steps of a furious but tired pugilist

And win this bout