for us


for us. pic for poem

for us

a sea rises beneath the ice

in a rasping wet friction of sounds

breathing below the crust

as the sounds of aeons squealing, mingling

in secrets and trysts, murders and

quiet kindnesses

all enslaved to a kingdom in limbo

in search of the mystery above


for us

they face one another disoriented

by nature and climate as it circles

the globe

and we, adoptive custodians,  tinker

at the fringes like alchemists

stirring the oceans and gazing

at swirling accretions of plastic

in trapped oceanic pockets


for us

extinction will be the longest full-stop

a foretelling of the blindness that holds

the hands of self-harm

we are so insistent, so superior, so deaf

to the echoes of poetry that wails

in the souls of those who have been long gone

but still ache with the loss that is

their knowledge, their lost and floating ethereal gifts

for us

For Sale. Sold.

For Sale. Sold.

For Sale. Sold.



So today,

                        my seat of learning

the hub for that savage part,

                                                of life.

Exchanges hands. Ownership surrendered.


The boy and the teen, his bedroom. Those fears and changing schools.

First bike, a canoe, love-bite and lost cherry.

Yes all of that will go today

On a lawyers note.

A bankers draft

My nascent history

Mother and father in rude health.

Now both gone

The sign at the gate

Stood down

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard Kingdom BrunelOne of the fathers of modern civil and mechanical engineering was re-incarnated last night to host the Costain Achieving Excellence Awards.

Ironic that the day before high winds and tidal flooding damaged the railway line at Dawlish. One of Mr Brunels many enduring feats. The baton for future engineering success has been handed over to a new generation.