Another Mixed Double

Another mixed double

Mixed Doubles


I take pictures. It’s what I do. Then they sit with me. A living history. Fragments of time I have consumed, shared and stolen. It is a privilege to have these moments at my command. I don’t wish to waste or abuse them. The element of trust is implicit. I honour these people because they have shared a stage with me. These are fractions, splinters of innocence.

Misnomers or YOLO

GarageMisnomers or YOLO


Tribal speak. Wind ushered through broken teeth

Attitude. Another route to memory


I am at times insensate

To urgent appeals in tongues


I find my feet and my mouth

Engaged in strident notes


For meaning has slipped. Gone evasive

Underground with stripes but no braces


All actual information camouflaged

Truncated by ‘yoof’


I’ll see a line of letters shambling

And struggle for the sense


Yet now I know that I’m simply vacant

When it comes to ‘intel’ from young ‘gents’.