A naked poem

A naked poem

A naked poem


Agile weeds that cling

to places I leave exposed

are markers of time mis-spent


I am left with remnants

shards from what should have been

all those glittering achievements


Shreds from a garment

woven from wobbly love

that inexact thing


A heart beat

stretched muscle

at the source of tears


Remember being the refrain

that echoes and thunders

even under cover of sleep


Not even dreams

can render

Happy Endings


For this mind will believe

the imprisoned propaganda

of some previous elite



The first smile

There is no new

So early in March


How right it is to stride across

The past. Into another season


With sap rising

In the lengthening light


Hope will tug at opportunity

So strike a pose


Walk with purpose

Ignore that porpoise


We can be funny

Covered in honey


Alluring to

A sweet-toothed muse


Revel in your status

As a simpleton


A chocolate covered minstrel

Aiming to amuse


Pucker the lips



Create the laughter lines

And let age construct


The ridged framework

Of a happy man

Forced optimism

Great stridesOh, the waste

As each day opens with sloth

And waits for duty or conscience to prick

The torpor that lays like fog

Over the mind, the body and the being


Oh, the slog

It is to inhabit clothes

That signify an aim in life

That indicate a desire to do

That will last the course and return to base


Oh, the hope

That in all of this recurring effort

The point should not be lost

That we are morsels, fragments of fate

Who can crawl around reason and smile

For we have plans