Pet by another name



Pet by another name


She responded to an ancient call


The pull of the wild

And sped off despite our cries

Shrill remonstrations and whistles


That bloody dog, Kiki, took flight

In Bushy Park

Chasing hapless deer who bobbed

And weaved across the bracken

Retreating ineluctably from view


Until eventually the gloaming November sky

Was wan. All turned grey

Except for shreds of muted colour

Mirages in a desert of disappointment

And she was gone


Four paws in a whirl of selfish pursuit

Lost to reason

Lost me

But found terror in detachment

And nearly caused an accident


I got a call

‘Have you lost your dog?’

From a lady in the Pheasantry

Who’d been forced to make an emergency stop

In order to avoid the bitch