hook, line and thinker………..


A fish landed

out of sorts

and complained bitterly

for the lack of salt

and went on to deride the fisherman

for his clumsy boots

the cracked and melting ice

all the noise on the harbour side,

“for goodness sake, couldn’t you just reel me in?

Have some sport? Instead you come

riding the waves and suck me in

to a harvest of woe

and this indignity. To die

in plain sight in front of a man in white

who puts a price on me

and then, cold eyed, moves on

to appraise the rest of us.

If I could I would put a curse on you”

Later, over sweet tea the fisherman

quite satisfied, said to his wife

“it was a fine catch today”

Hi Kid


Young Boy having fun, party, balloon

Don’t switch off the light

That impulse for fun

Or something random

Not defined by convention

Just let the moment out

and blush, if you must.

For the impetuous

Is clean and bright


Rehearsed responses in adult life

That dull the spirit

Requiring as they do

The given truth


For an instant

Return to you.