Deep Space

Deep SpaceI yearn. Therefore I am lost
Such is my state of mind
When light bleeds and night commands
For I am cast into promises

A recent trip into the vast hole
That I maintain in my head
Eludes me. Leaves a flavour of something lost
And slips between the cracks of reason

I am. I am. I am. All blessed ego
Until the dark swirls collect my thoughts
And randomize ME
In the casual vandalism of indifference

For in the weightless place
Where sin and sorrow may mingle with glory
I have no power at all
No influence on the stories I hold

I am the vessel that aches in space
With timbers that groan
And shriek pitifully as they strain at hope
To imbue foreboding with sunlight and warmth

Recently in a white-washed catacomb
Somewhere in Greece
I was disturbed by fathoms of personal history
That linger now like the hunter’s scent.