A human tide rolls and recoils

At injustice, war and lies

And the innocents are tossed against

A changing, formless shore

Whose arbitrary rules discriminate

Divide and preside over misery

Inhabitants of safe havens

Hide behind the mast-heads

Of their propaganda and sensibilities

Unsure in their comfortable shoes

Just how to protect their own

Selfish hegemony

Whilst politicians, those arbiters of votes

Posture and pocket expenses and air-miles

On our behalf

All smart. Considered. Rhetorical.

Trusting to history

And missing irony

For these lives are being dashed

On confused tides

Ideologies that fumble

On cracked foundations

And leave a residue

Of misery that we struggle to hide

I am diminished by

My inactivity

Exposed by shallow thoughts

But truly feel

A sense of loss

That last escaping breath of hope.

A call to arms


A call to armsWe can go out into the rampant dawn

We can be heroes

You can just imagine the man at the front

Say that before he falls back behind the lines

The glorious shout that drips with valour

Goes limp as the syllables slip

And the enemy opens its eye


How hard is it to get up in the morning

How much of a gauge to life is the effort

Required to raise heavy blood and heed

The tug of a new dawn

And the perpetual call to arms

That each day commands

How enthusiastic is the morsel?


Time and vice and the ageing process

See to it that we fall behind

In so many regrettable ways

And that delicious slice of life

Those enduring memories of ribbon soaked glory

Are simply crumbs from a cake gone stale

Go on, stretch out and reach for the heights.