Bus shelter blues

Heaven knows
How I feel
What I think
I’m groggy with doubt
Out on my feet
And the Big Book says
That I should be entering a fourth dimension
Experiencing things beyond my wildest dreams

Well I’m not
My mouth is dry
My head is dull
And my faith is shaken
If that is being rocketed to a better place
Then brother
I had better watch out
I’m waiting for something that’s taking an age

And the answer my friends
Is not blowing in the wind
But in the corridors and spaces
That I have fashioned in my head
And used to distort my real journey
Which is the one
From light unto dark
With only love in-between


HeadsLacuna. That still pond waits

For the pebble to strike surface

For a sound to intrude

To break the meniscus and ripple

With sensations that chase cause and effect

And in the murmurs of our conscious world

 Common experience dictates

We miss so much

Yet fractions count

And a life can be built or lost

In a blink. With a sip

Speak up. Fear not. We are friends.