Dry spell

Dry Spell. For poem.

Soft brush of rain on glass overhead

the fall of notes punctuating this space below

A mood evoked

I surrender to the gradient of sounds sent down

from somewhere in the sky

and wallow in the melody

of a siren song

Will I venture out into the physicality

of precipitation

or immerse myself in the comfort

of discomfort kept at bay

These small margins of progress are the order

of my day

How good it is to live in luxury



OmensRed sky on the horizon this morning

A warning

An old wives tale. Shepherds in socks!

Shocking news

Greets the sleepy and the anxious for work

Who rise

On the misty eyed adventure, naked


Whatever it is scheduled for next

And runes

Will decide on the morsel that is you

Whether fate

Shall wag the finger with a blessing


Or forget the innate charity that binds

All of us

To a fate that we cannot fully know

Lest signs

In a sky that wraps around the world

Have bled