Shock in Awe

Shock in Awe

Shock in Awe

Shock in Awe


He spoke to me of grace

And said it was ‘second-hand’


I found that hard to understand

When the words came so easily


The air he used he said was spent

Just turned and turned around


A soft breeze

That could threaten storms


And there I was, as if

In the presence of a prophet


Spell-bound in admiration

For a weaver of thoughts


But he just smiled and said,

‘ It’s a wonderful thing’


And left me flailing

In an alphabet. Like a dope.

Free gifts


Free GiftsSociety confers status upon those

Who leave footprints

But it forgets the ones that whisper

Omitting to grant gifts to the quiet

In case the strident march

Is ignored or simply allowed to pass

So when you receive your inscribed pen

An embossed note-pad or signature robe

Sit up and clap and know

That you are in the club

We, the mute drones

Will sponsor you and lay tinder bones

As sleepers for your railway

For loud, exclusive progress

And wilt as the whistle of celebrations

Rounds the curve and vanishes

We losers will wait once again

For the late running train

We are patient because we know that virtue

Consigns value to a different order