Rhythm and Hues: ‘whoop-de-doo’



A rhymester writes

I was always set to do

Something along these lines

The ‘whoop-de-doo’

A mission statement

My coat of arms

A calling card

A visual cue

The sonic signature

Of a guy who does

The ‘whoop-de-doo’

It’s attitude and life-style for a man

Who wants to mesmerise you

So listen to the little guy

Who is a shadow, you’re counterpart

When he whistles and coo’s

Aware that he’s been tickled by

The ‘whoop-de-doo’

There’s no hiding nor shame

In a continuous rhythm

That settles in the mind

Colours the blood

And fills all your waking spaces

With ‘whoop-de-doo’


Drown softly in your learning

Drown softly in your learning


Let me fall into your rhythm

To sleep-walk in your  form

Absorb your very nature

And be so patient

That something will occur

A wash. A kiss

The soft breath of concern

Gifted like a glove and fist

That have found peace

Confused by mercy

So harmony might take residence

In common sense

And the rise and fall

In the chest

Of any sentient man