Misnomers or LOL

Laugh Out LoudA confident loll against a garden gate,
Bus-stop, chair, old friend or lover
Signifies to me a casual acceptance
Of boundaries broached and broken
Chinese burns and sworn oaths in the past
Which in naivety were like a solemn promise
But now we are in with smart friends
Who communicate without the subtlety
of any physical nuance
Declaring a love-game over, not just from the other side
of a net. But from across the globe.
A casual severance may break your heart
Before the jet-stream dumps a cyclone in your back yard.
Even Google cannot spot your grief, a cemetery of tears
Now, more than ever, weather forecasters
Live in fear of an App enabled tablet
So I Loll with chagrin
When I make an inopportune mistake
And blush when I realise
That others look at me in my ancient guise
For I have stepped into their code
An arcade of fun
From which they LOL